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Should You Hire a Freelance Marketing Expert?

Hiring Freelance Marketing and Sales Experts Can Give Your Business an Edge

One way company owners can improve their marketing strategies and boost their sales is to hire free

lance professionals in these fields. This is a good choice for entrepreneurs who are dealing with challenges in a phase in business development, but who probably don’t need a salaried employee overseeing that aspect of their business all the time. The process can be a little tricky if you aren’t already familiar with it, though. That’s why Optimum Films has put together the following guide to help you.

How sales and marketing work hand in hand.

Sales and marketing are two distinct functions, but they are very closely tied together. The marketing side is all about preparing for and facilitating sales. A marketing expert will have an array of techniques at their fingertips, for generating interest and attracting prospects. The sales side has to do with managing relationships with those potential clients and customers and making the sale happen.

How sales and marketing experts can help your business.

Lots of business owners are also talented at marketing and sales. You may even have been trained in these fields. But that doesn’t mean you have the time to focus exclusively on analyzing your marketing campaigns, tweaking them, developing new ones, and comparing which strategies worked versus which ones didn’t. Similarly, while it’s great to interface with clients frequently, you don’t have the bandwidth to be there managing every sale. If marketing or sales are more sluggish than they should be, you should bring in the pros.

How to find great sales and marketing freelancers.

You may be able to find talented freelancers working already within your professional network. It’s always a good idea to get recommendations from colleagues or team members. If you don’t have contacts already in your network, you can post a job listing on an online job board. Or you could go directly to a freelancer site such as Fiverr or Upwork and check out different services and rates. When assessing different freelance candidates, look for evidence that they can perform as they claim they will. Also, talk to them and find out if they’ll be a good fit with your company and team.

The downsides of working with freelancers.

Hiring freelancers can be a great choice for the short term, but if you’re dealing with processes that are integral to your company, you should be working with people who are also integral to it and committed to its mission. When you hire freelancers they may be more affordable but they also have no particular reason to stay committed to you or your company. In addition, it can be more complicated to work with them if they are outside the company and not looped into ongoing discussion and organization.

Additional tools for boosting marketing and sales.

It’s crucial that you build a marketing strategy for your business that includes a mission statement, research, and an awareness of the competition. Also, especially in today’s digital era of social media, that strategy needs to incorporate strong visuals and video, which you can share over social media. Marketing your products and services on social media will require some kind of video component, especially if you want to capture the attention of those who use Instagram and TikTok. Perhaps most importantly, video is easy to share across different platforms; if your ad goes viral, you’ve essentially tapped into a fantastic form of free advertising. Last but not least, people who watch videos are 95 percent more likely to retain what they’ve seen when compared to reading.

There are plenty of affordable off-the-shelf services that can help you and your teams optimize your marketing and sales efforts. One of the most important ones to invest in is a CRM (customer relationship management) system. Also, look for marketing tools that will help you monitor SEO and communicate with clients.

Tools for keeping your teams running smoothly.

The most important tools for keeping your business running well are planning, organization, and communication. Using tech platforms and apps can help you and your teams all stay in sync together, whether you’re working with employees, freelancers, or both. Make sure all team members have access to needed tools and data, so you are all on the same page.

Consider your location.

Last but not least, if you’re just starting out, it's critical to choose the right location to run your business. That’s especially true if you work from home. Check with your local government, HOA and/or landlord to make sure you are allowed to operate, then appeal if needed. Naturally, you also need a location that’s conducive to focus and hard work. If your current residence doesn’t have the space for a dedicated office, research available apartments near Denver to see if there’s something else that’s better-suited to your needs.

Hiring a freelancer can help your business improve sales and marketing, while also staying within budget. Also, this can give employers the chance to test the waters and decide whether they do in fact need someone in that role full-time.

Optimum Films was founded in 2004 on the idea that entertainment was about people, and every person has a story. We have created entertainment that informed, enlightened, and inspired.

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