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Optimum Films, Inc. is dedicated to the improvement of communication for community groups and organizations who are vital to the quality of life for at risk individuals and families.  To make sure there is action to our words we are committed to giving thousands of dollars in free and discounted video services to 501c3 organizations annually. Please reach out to see if your organization qualifies.

Why We Do It



Owning a small business is a huge responsibility. Working with companies in wealth management inspires us to be constantly improving our business practices, and our work with 501c3 reminds us that we are stewards of our team and our community.



A big part of our responsibility is working with clients to help them tell their stories. Helping wealth management advisors, small business and 501c3 groups to better communicate with their clients is a passion and our efficacy in this regard is a major reason for our success. 



At OFI we believe projects in video should be representative of the world we live in. Optimum Films, Inc. stands at the forefront in inclusivity and diversity. Our commitment to diversity goes beyond a mission statement. It is ingrained in our company makeup and will be at the core of our creative choices.



In today’s America, small business owners are a driving factor in financial prosperity. Helping clients in wealth management who serve the needs of small businesses means that we are doing our part in the growth of the middle class while keeping people in jobs and lowering unemployment.



Our unique ability to interface with wealth management advisors, small business, and 501c3 gives us an opportunity to serve the people we live and work with by protecting the wealth in our communities. We will strive to connect charitable organizations with philanthropic donors, and build lasting relationships with our community and its leaders.

About Optimum Films, Inc.

Every One Has a Story. 

What's Yours?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is a novel waiting to be seen. Contact us to start writing your best seller today. 

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