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  • What makes Optimum Films Experts in Video for Wealth Management?
    We specialize in video for wealth management, while many firms generalize in small business. Our 10 years of experience serving clients in the HNW and UHNW space and navigating compliance within a Fortune 100 company have given us an established track record in creating videos for individual advisors and their firms.
  • Is Video Right for My Firm?
    Yes! No matter what stage your business is in, video is the mode of communication your clients will respond to most. While there are benefits to having strong branding and marketing in place, your personality and the culture of your firm are the things that speak to a client most. Video can capture who you and your team are and perform for you without even needing a website. Furthermore, video can help you to formulate your brand by giving you the tools to see how clients react to your messaging in real time.
  • What Does a Typical Shoot Look Like?
    Our typical shoot lasts two days at your location and various locations in your area. We interview you, your team, and clients and capture documentary style footage (B-Roll) of your day and interactions.
  • How Do I Prepare to Work with Optimum Films?
    Pre-production normally takes a full month and covers pre-interview sessions with the lead advisors and the newest member on the team. We listen to how the brand elements trickle through the company and then determine which elements are the most important. We formulate questions for your team and clients based on the information we collect and then make sure compliance is looped in with whatever they need to approve the project.
  • What Results Can I Expect from Implementing Video?
    Results are as much a part of the promotion of the video as the creation itself. Proper placement and use with targeted audiences are key to ensuring your videos success. This is why we developed the V.I.P.™ or Video Implementation Plan™. The V.I.P.™ is about teaching you and your team the best ways to showcase and highlight your video. We make the process as simple as your compliance will allow and leave you with documentation to refer back to. Following the V.I.P.™ will get results.


Proudly serving financial advisors in wealth management and nonprofit organizations.

Optimum Films, Inc. was founded in 2004 on the idea that entertainment was about people and that every person has a story. We have created entertainment that informs, enlightens, and inspires. Now we bring the same emotion and intensity to corporate projects with wealth management and small businesses; as well as charitable works with 501c3. 


We have the largest portfolio of independent wealth management advisors for a video firm of any mid-tier production company in the country. We also donate thousands of dollars in free or reduced services to 501c3s and community organizations annually. 

Brand Story _ Optimum Films, Inc.

Brand Story _ Optimum Films, Inc.

Our Team

Rob Gosbee

| President

Rob Gosbee has been a video professional for over 20 years, specializing in reality television and documentary. Projects include producing a show on ION network and he has been recognized by the Yale Council on East Asian Studies for his documentary Secret Wars. He also produced educational streaming broadcasts of SPTV with Canon EOL Sandy Puc. He has been producing videos for wealth management advisors since 2013. As a producer he oversees projects from beginning to end, ensuring continuity. In his spare time he enjoys family life with his beautiful, nurse wife, a son in the Marine Corp, and sweet, gymnast daughter.

Head shot of Rob. President of Optimum Films.
Headshot of Sid - Sales and Production.

Sid Pinchback III

Sales & Production

Sid Pinchback III has been in the entertainment industry for close to 25 years. First gaining recognition for his storytelling before moving into the production arena and helping produce a TV show that aired on the ION network. Specialising in connecting with people from all walks of life gives him a unique if not uncanny ability to take niche markets to mainstream audiences.

Joey Morando

Marketing Manager

Joey came to us from the music industry where he has been since 2018 when he graduated from the University of Missouri. During the pandemic when live events were non-existent, he pivoted to a gig within the media field. Starting with a few small clients, he has built up enough skills and knowledge to work full-time within the field. You can catch Joey overseeing all marketing and administrative duties for the business.

Headshot of Joey - Marketing manager.
Headshot of Donnie - Producer

Donnie L. Betts


Donnie L. Betts has been a part of Colorado's radio, stage, and television landscape for more than three decades. He studied at the Yale School of Drama. He is an accomplished actor, producer, director, filmmaker, storyteller, and teacher with a career that has spanned 25 years. Betts is a two-time Emmy nominee, including a 2003 winner for Best PSA Campaign and a 2005 winner for "My Voice."

Joaquin Lucero

Office Manager

Joaquin has spent his life serving others. His dedication to his work has only been second to his love of family, friends, and building a better future for them. He spent several years in the field of mental health services before a personal tragedy helped him to see that he was looking for other ways to make an impact in society.  Joaquin has one son named Isreal and is a dedicated family man. He spends his free time being a real-life Dom Turetto, wrangling and supporting his rag-tag group of friends. 

Headshot of Joaquin - Office Manager.
Headshot of Janine - Editor.

Janie Trudell


Janine Trudell is an award-winning Director of Photography and Editor, accomplished Photographer, and published Poet. She has a passion for using contemporary technologies to develop and tell compelling visual experiences using video, still photography, and poetry. Her broad experience in video production includes photojournalism with commercial broadcast stations, documentary production and short-form interstitial and web material, human interest profiles testimonials, and promotional spots.

Headshot of Evan - Editor and Camera

After studying Film at Portland State University, Evan returned to Denver where he worked as a cinematographer and video editor at a production company called Mighteor. Over his four years at the company, Evan shot and edited a wide variety of videos for both small and large brands. He also helped develop stories in pre-production and optimize videos for social media in post-production.


Evan Wiley

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