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Why Content Creation is Important for Wealth Management Advisors

Content creation is still used pretty sparingly within the wealth management industry. Between compliance restrictions and the overall effort it takes, producing content is something that is just not on the top off most advisors minds. While we totally understand that there are a number of hold ups., we do want to highlight the benefits that advisors should focus on when considering content creation.

Educate: We know that most Americans don't save their money simply because they aren't informed on how easy it is or how important it is. So teaching them simple techniques or lifelong strategies that will give them a base level of finance knowledge will open their eyes to better practices. This is essentially planting the seed for them to grow into a more financially conscious person. This is turn will lead them to you when they decide to start their wealth management journey.

Reach A New Generation: Social media and Video content in particular is the most effective form of content. Not only does this boost engagement over all, but it is extremely receptive for Millennials and younger. As we are currently starting the great wealth transfer, becoming impressionable on these younger generations is crucial when wealth transfers down to them.

Build Your Brand + Network: Through video content you are able to better tell your story. These can be through brand stories or company culture videos. Not only does this solidify your brand with your current clients, but it gives potential clients an idea of what your firm is about.

Track + Analyze Results: When video is placed on your webpage, YouTube or social media you just scrape the surface on the capabilities of your content. After being online for a while, you will have access to a lot of helpful metrics. These analytics let you know how potential clients are interacting with your content, how they got to your website, and what they are doing on your website. Understanding these demographics more allows your firm to better target any marketing efforts you make.

- Optimum Films, Inc.

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