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Ed McGill

Ranked 56 National Security Professional | $2.3 Billion AUM

Our Process

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Optimum Films takes pride in making the video production process as easy as possible for your firm. Our typical 2- Day filming process is designed to capture the most content without disrupting day-to-day activities of your firm.  We do all the heavy lifting by bringing our mobile studio to you! Once our agreement is locked in we begin the process to the right: After filming is complete, we process the footage and begin editing. Typically, your first draft will be provided within 2-3 weeks for you to review. We work on a client first basis and will provide any number of edits until your project is looking up to your firms standards.

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Brady Lindemann

Forbes Top Financial Security Professional

Secrets to Success

We have interviewed 250 + advisors and 500+ of their clients so we know the hard-hitting question s to ask. Our interview process is not scripted but we guarantee only your most eloquent self makes it to the final cut. Through over 10 years of direct financial video experience we know how to speak to high net-worth and ultra high net-worth clients. We are experts in financial compliance (SEC/ FINRA) which is often the biggest obstacle when producing client facing content. Following a referral, potential clients seek to validate your credibility. Video is the most effective way to affirm the client experience at your firm.

Keith Spengel

Best in State Wealth Advisor | Chicago High Net-Worth Advisor

Kim Connors

Marketing Director at McGill Junge Wealth Management

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  • What makes Optimum Films Experts in Video for Wealth Management?
    We specialize in video for wealth management, while many firms generalize in small business. Our 10 years of experience serving clients in the HNW and UHNW space and navigating compliance within a Fortune 100 company have given us an established track record in creating videos for individual advisors and their firms.
  • Is Video Right for My Firm?
    Yes! No matter what stage your business is in, video is the mode of communication your clients will respond to most. While there are benefits to having strong branding and marketing in place, your personality and the culture of your firm are the things that speak to a client most. Video can capture who you and your team are and perform for you without even needing a website. Furthermore, video can help you to formulate your brand by giving you the tools to see how clients react to your messaging in real time.
  • What Does a Typical Shoot Look Like?
    Our typical shoot lasts two days at your location and various locations in your area. We interview you, your team, and clients and capture documentary style footage (B-Roll) of your day and interactions.
  • How Do I Prepare to Work with Optimum Films?
    Pre-production normally takes a full month and covers pre-interview sessions with the lead advisors and the newest member on the team. We listen to how the brand elements trickle through the company and then determine which elements are the most important. We formulate questions for your team and clients based on the information we collect and then make sure compliance is looped in with whatever they need to approve the project.
  • What Results Can I Expect from Implementing Video?
    Results are as much a part of the promotion of the video as the creation itself. Proper placement and use with targeted audiences are key to ensuring your videos success. This is why we developed the V.I.P.™ or Video Implementation Plan™. The V.I.P.™ is about teaching you and your team the best ways to showcase and highlight your video. We make the process as simple as your compliance will allow and leave you with documentation to refer back to. Following the V.I.P.™ will get results.
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