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Our Process

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Optimum Films takes pride in making the video production process as easy as possible for your firm. Our typical 2- Day filming process is designed to capture the most content without disrupting day-to-day activities of your firm.  We do all the heavy lifting by bringing our mobile studio to you! Once our agreement is locked in we begin the process to the right: After filming is complete, we process the footage and begin editing. Typically, your first draft will be provided within 2-3 weeks for you to review. We work on a client first basis and will provide any number of edits until your project is looking up to your firms standards.

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Secrets to Success

We have interviewed 250 + advisors and 500+ of their clients so we know the hard-hitting question s to ask. Our interview process is not scripted but we guarantee only your most eloquent self makes it to the final cut. With over 10 years of direct financial video experience we know how to speak to high net-worth and ultra high net-worth clients. We are experts in financial compliance (SEC/ FINRA) which is often the biggest obstacle when producing client facing content. Following a referral, potential clients seek to validate your credibility. Video is the most effective way to affirm the client experience at your firm.

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